# May 27, 2014

Website for Dust&Glory; featured on httpster.net

The website we did for Dust&Glory – a project yet to be presented here – is featured on httpster.net. Nice!

# May 12, 2014

Domus for van Wright featured on Industrial Design Served

Some good news: the Domus product design for van Wright is featured on Industrial Design Served. Thank you!

# Mar 4, 2014

Little big details

Little Big Details finds some nice details in UI designs, which make interaction with machines more human (and sometimes fun). Design is not exclusively about fancy stuff – it is human engineering!

# Nov 20, 2013

Easy-going: Paul Smith

I somehow like his down-to-earth, honest and easy way. I wish I could boast the same stressless path of my career, but I guess, I have a very different one.

# Nov 7, 2013

Inside Chanel

This is a lovely story of one of the most important fashion names, Chanel. As it says at some point in this series of short films:

Of this century in France three names will remain: De Gaulle, Picasso and Chanel.

Highly recommended.

PS. Equally engaging – Karl Lagerfeld, “Lebensskizzen” by Arte (German/French).

# Sep 6, 2013

Site redesign in action

This summer The Bureau has launched three web projects: Comley Marekting, Lilian Design, kaffeewerk espressionist. I’ve also updated the van Wright website, just in time for the newly launched bags collection. There is one more client project waiting for final approval to be launched. So many re-designs, so many news…

Now it is time to actually do something about this Bureau’s own picture on the internet, and this is why this website looks as it looks now – a bit disoriented. I have decided to leave the blog untouched, as quite a few people come read it. But then again, contacts and a couple of words about this enterprise belong here as well.

The new website should be ready within a month. Hold on.


# Apr 17, 2013

LL Circular

[...] As LL Circular was developed, the purely geometric approach gradually gave way to a more complex formal conception, resulting in a geometric Sans Serif marrying purity with warmth…

# Feb 8, 2013

Paratype's Vaccine with 90% discount!

Now this is what we call a good discount! Paratype gives away its new Vaccine font, which includes beautiful cyrillics, too, for 10% of its price till the end of this week and for 40% of its actual price till the end of the next week. A good treat just before the weekend kicks in and you, again, turn to your personal projects to work on.