Corporate Identity

for Wtial Air Cargo

  • Corporate Identity
  • Design consulting
  • Graphic design
  • Internal Communications
  • User Interface Design

Freight forwarding out of the Frankfurt hub might resemble trading at a Marrakesh market – the number of cargo-related companies engaged in shipping, forwarding and servicing thousands of tonnes of freight crossing the landing strip is hard to manage.

Bureau Gesamt has been helping Wital Air Cargo to maintain its cutting-edge external graphic identity since the year 2003. We have been involved in the re-design of the corporate identity, design and production of the website, financial reports, sports sponsoring and other internal communications.

Bureau Gesamt is glad to see that Wital Air Cargo is growing from year to year, which means that something is being done right. We hope that our part of the job has also contributed to the success of the company.